Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Queer Phone Calls

She called me because she painted her toenails orange.
I called them because I had to unpack and didn’t want to so I was not entering my room.
She called me up at 6 in the morning, teary eyed (yes, I couldn’t see it, only heard it) because she was reading The Kite Runner and loving it and to say thank you for introducing her to it.
He called to check if it was still her.
We called each other for Long Island Iced Tea.
I called him when I was sitting in the toilet and could see an upturned ugly cockroach and described it to him.
I called her because I had to drink cough syrup.
I called because she was not calling.
She called them to tell them it was"that time of the month".
I called him because I had already started my trip and couldn’t get my mind off whether I had left A or B or C article at home, so I called searching for a distraction.
She called me because she'd deleted his number and didn't know how to call him now.
She called him because the movie had scared her.
He called to say he called.


Vinni said...

LOL! just like you said! :-) and what help do u need blogger lady?

Anonymous said...

i want to call and say its been long...

Anonymous said...

but i wont, theres too much of a bastard in me.....

push said...

I love you! i love everything abt you! including this post! :P

p.s. Jazz see what i wrote i blog last night!

Jasmine said...

@ Anonymous,
Yeah I can see that,no wonder you can't post with your name!

dhaval said...

very lucky to have someoneS around always to share every bit,bytes..

Japna said...

they're orange again... :D

Anchita said...

Remembered the calls.....when we talked about some of these calls ..... :-)

bonny s said...


Crimson Feet said...

lol... this was hilarious!... good one girl... and the toilet one too!.. funny observations!! :)
rendezvous with the swiss pilot!.. pretty incident!

you don't seem to be the frequent blogger type... but i shall check again! :)


Ragini said...

Hahahahaha....these things are a bite outta life....and while they happen, you wonder if you're in a movie, being filmed, since the situation is warped enough to be made a film out of...donno if you're getting me there :)

But it feels good when friends call. Even if its to inform you about orange nail polish. Oh, by the way, I painted mine shiny blue, fluorescent green and dark pink!