Friday, September 9, 2011

The can was fluorescent green

I picked it off my friend’s shelf. The can was fluorescent green. I didn't expect much from it, "Just don't let me stink". I sprayed it, it seemed ok and then I busied myself with exiting the place. I picked up my bag, found my hairclip, dusted my shoes and slipped into the long drive to work.

In office, as it sat down beside me, I asked the Smell- "Where are you from?” it replied “From a girl's bedroom". "But I know you", I said. "You think I smell like your cousin and her room?" "Perhaps" "You think I am a homely feminine smell? Like a half-open girl's dressing drawer with sunlight shining into it?"I get distracted by my vacuum calculation. The size of the nozzle just doesn’t seem right. I turn around to ask my colleague. The Smell catches my attention again as I look over my shoulder. “I’ll get back to you later, let me design now”, I push the smell back into that drawer and shut some of the sunlight with it.


Japna said...

room freshner?

Srikant said...

Perhaps you could lend it to me; that is if I'm imagining the smell right.

Jasmine said...

Haha,japs, it is a Nike perfume.
No, Srikant, you would smell purely effeminate with it.

blinded blue teddy said...