Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cheddar, Labneh, Brie, Feta, Quark, Circassian

All the fish in their tank. Cheddar was the candidate- he always sought more for his school. He would find it, invent it, create it, execute it. If it meant a nudge or two at the other fish- so be it. He kept telling the school about the fish in the Singapore Strait, then the Malacca Strait and then the Gulf of Thailand, Java Strait, the Indian Ocean. About the colors of the waters, the expanse of those waters. Their aspirations were growing, their appetite too. And there just wasn't enough cheese in their little tank. The kids had gone to see all these larger waters, larger buildings but not the cheese, Singapore had no cheese to rival the fish back home- but it had those large waters. The fish decided- we'll move our cheese!This was Cheddar's plan-  when the kids left, they would leave their cheesy bodies and rush to those waters too.

Labneh hoped to find some peace with Brie in larger waters. Of late Brie had seemed disinterested, distracted and worse- irritable. She had started chewing off more of Labneh, larger bites, harder bites. Labneh wanted some peace, some corals to swim around, and green waters. He had always looked at the plants in the balcony from the tank and wanted to swim around them with Brie. 
Brie wanted the same too, but she wanted different things everyday. On the day the kids left- she wanted to drink all the alcohol they had left behind. 
Quark was being too wise for Cheddar. Quark said- we are too domesticated now. We'll be sandwiched with eggs and bread on either side of us in no time in those large waters.
Feta was mostly ignored. He always feared- the little girl would eat him with her fruit loops one breakfast. He liked Brie- she treated him like the smelly cheese he was- but she acknowledged him at least. 
Circassian nodded to everything- Cheddar's pompous speeches, sweaty efforts, Labneh's consent, Quark's protests, Brie's aspirations, Feta's ignominy. When the time for the plunge out of the tank came- Circassian didn't follow suit. Circassian stayed put in the tank. He had his Victory. 

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