Monday, August 6, 2007

A Monday Morning

There was an age when I couldn't get through a Sunday without the Sunday Express.
The celebration and mourning with the crossword,the comic strips,the "eye"...
Today,it made my monday morning.I read this article about kite flying in Delhi and it brought back fond memories of a trip to Amritsar-January 2006.Flying kites with my 14 year old cousin,climbing some really precarious locations,the thrill of the chase,the exultation with the height and the pain of the bleeding wounds in my fingers.Both of us would dart around for a while later till our wounds from the glass-reinforced dor dried out.The sting of losing a kite,the way we'd nurse back our damaged kites to health-cellotape,tissues et al,hiding our wounds from our family to escape their disauding. We compulsively flew kites in those 6 days that I spent there.The sun on our back,the sun on our heads and the sun in our faces,staring at us.And us, staring back with the kites on our side.When the sun would go down every evening,we'd usher back our kites and watch the helpers at the neighbouring hotel bring up their "yellow" quilts and lie down on the rooftop watching the sun go down. We shared the sun with them but we wouldn't share our kites with any soul.
Running after strings,we became kite runners,though it was more of scrambling across terraces,scaling scalable walls,failing at inscalable walls and jumps and leaps than running,but we did qualify as kite runners!

Are these mere coincidences-
-My cousin's name is Sunny?
-today my left thumb has a number of gashes on it (thanks to some mindless activity of mine while I was in my early-morning trance?
- My organisation has a kite flying competition next week?
Though I aint painting any flight of "paper diamonds" with my A+ blood today,the i.e columnist "Danish Shafi" has made my monday morning take flight!


I spoke to you last night... said...

You know how it is: you wake up one morning and you are truly glad about being alive. You are thankful for being this in this world and grateful for the gift of life. Its rare, but it does occur. But then it happens: you read something in the papers, or see it on the news, or hear it over the commute to work. Something so twisted or so downright stupid that it strips away the illusion from your eyes and you finally realize the truth: The world SUCKS and its being run by fucking morons.
And on the rest of days,columnists like Daniel shafi rule the roost,lure unsuspecting girls with their "words"(damn! just words!). :)

The powers that be decided that they would like to torment me for as long as they can help it...hehe!

ps: You know you can do better.

Vinni said...

kite flying was perhaps the best thing i ever did during my childhood. But its unfortunate that people no longer consider it a good game. its looked down upon as something urchins would do.
Some of the best friends i made when i was a kid was because of this. and the kite fights? How can i ever forget the 'maanjas' and the 'saddis'. I remember this one time we got this extra thick maanja and the kite would not fly because of the weight. but when it did, it cut all the kites on the way. stole some 7 kites that single day!

Jasmine said...

This post (well,edited) is now in print in my organisation's activity magazine.

i spoke to you last night.... said...

Gee, is the comment there too? :)

aisha said...

any idea why he(Danish Shafi) stopped writing??