Thursday, April 14, 2016

Why don't I cut my hair?

They irritate me. Immensely. Why don't I cut them? It's not because I think God's creations are perfect. And this is a crass explanation for why Sikhs grow their hair. It was only to distinguish their identity, to disobey the Mughals and to ensure their 'unique' faith didn't die. If this is my belief, why don't I cut them? 
Why am I trying to distinguish my identity? Is my hair such an important part of my identity? What threats my identity that I need to hold on to something unique. This isn't even unique. 
It can't be the fear of letting go, of a change. No. It's just hair. They have just been around for most of my life. Not much in the larger scheme of things.My irritation with them even annoys those around me. 
What is this albatross I have carried around my neck for so long?